Golmaal Again (2017) trailer

The boys are back for the fourth time in the ever changing cast for the fourth instalment of the Golmaal franchise.

This movie revolves around the boys living in house that it haunted. This is confirmed to them by Tabu and the owner of the house who says that their daughter passed away in the house 15 days ago. I think Tabu is the one behind all these pranks to scare the boys away from what she is really trying to keep safe.

Though I wouldn’t put it past Neil Nitin Mukesh to play the villain as he usually does.

The KKK get ups are quite out of the blue, and they may be used to represent ghostly figures. But I doubt that will go down nicely in America.

Enter, Parineeti Chopra, the replacement for Kareena Kapoor because she’s too busy having a baby. She joins the cast as the female lead in this movie and Ajay Devgn‘s love interest.

The naagin guy and Vasooli (Mukesh Tiwari) make cameo appearances in this film, like they have done in the previous few.

While the first movie in the franchise was really good, the second two have gone down in quality and I think this will be the same. The dance numbers and colours look fantastic, but it won’t hide the over the top acting and predictable story line.

Golmaal Again releases in Australia on Friday the 20th of October.

See the full trailer here:



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