Australian Survivor 2017 Extended Sneak Peak

WATCH: Australian Survivor 2017 Sneak Peak

Last night, the Herald Sun dropped an exclusive of the first 15 minutes of the new season of Australian Survivor starting tomorrow night. They have also revealed some interesting facts about the new season:

  • A SUPER Idol will be in play, but exactly what it will mean is a tightly kept secret.
  • ONE jury villa member is sent home, with a controversy erupting.
  • THERE are two tribes instead of three.
  • WILD weather caused serious havoc with the contestants, including one particular day where they were expecting a tsunami warning.
  • MANY more blindsides compared to last year; nothing will be certain.
  • A MORAL dilemma will change the course of the game.
  • A POTENTIAL romance between two of the tribe mates.

A Super Idol has come up in the past, and was one of the original versions of the Hidden Immunity Idol. The main difference to a normal Negating Idol, is that a Super Idol can be played after the votes have been read. It featured in Survivor: Panama and Survivor: Cook Islands, but the players never felt the need to use the idol, and therefore were considered immune by the rest of the tribe for the remainder of the game.

And as for the potential romance, I hope this doesn’t ruin the game like it did last season with Lee and El. It’s a known fact that “power couples’ don’t work. It only really worked for the first time for Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich in Survivor: All-Stars, but they are now happily married.



Here are my my thoughts on the 15 minutes of the new season.

  • I almost stopped watching when they started with Kristie‘s voiceover. I don’t see the need to show what happened last year to this year’s coverage.
  • Argh, final two. They need final three. Works so much better, in my opinion. But there are those that prefer the final two, so each to their own.
  • The two tribe names are “Asaga” and “Samtau”, they are both villages in Samoa
  • So the generic episode one challenge, race off this ship and take what you can.
  • The winner of this first challenge wins the rice and the supplies that they taken from the ship. The losers get nothing. I’m currently at Survivor: Fiji in my binge through all seasons, and that season has the “Haves vs. Have Nots” twist, and so I hope the same result doesn’t happen here.
  • Army Mark is killing it in the swim to shore. Do we have a beast at challenges that will run through the merged tribe?

Australian Survivor premieres on Sunday the 30th of July, 2017 at 7:30pm on Ten.

The first 15 minutes of the first episode can be seen on the TenPlay site now.


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