Vikings Season 5 Comic-Con trailer

With Comic-Con in full swing at the moment, there are lots of news swirling around about what to expect from the new season of shows. Unfortunately, I cannot cover everything as I am a lone person all the way in Australia, but I will do my best to get through the shows that peak my interest.

And of course, for me, one of the biggest shows is Vikings. They released trailer for the upcoming season at Comic-Con, and I want to analyse it.

First, we need to remember that Siguard was just killed by Ivar. This news needs to hit Kattegat, and the reaction felt by Lagertha and the rest of the cast. And this is where is open the trailer, with the boat coming into the dock at Kattegat.

The voice over of the Seer helps narrate the trailer; which I love, because he poetically foreshadows the season to come and it gets my mind racing.


The consequences of Rangor’s death are not yet played out.
– Seer to Lagertha

Ivar’s ego rises. He wants to be King of Kattegat, he wants to be King of the Vikings. But this will have to come at a cost. Because, this means that he will need to fight Lagertha for the crown. This results in a civil war between the two groups.

Bjorn, Ubbe and Lagertha form one side, while Ivar and Harald form the other side. But to my surprise, you can see Halfden (Harald’s brother) support Lagertha, while Hvitserk sides with Ivar.

The result of the civil war is left unknown in the trailer, which I understand.

The trailer then moves on to the travelling that is done during the season. We see Floki on a boat sailing into the unknown. The unknown in this case is further west. What is beyond Britain? He lands in Greenland. On the other hand, Bjorn travels to the Mediterranean, and explores the northern tip of Africa.

Vikings premieres on Thursday the 30th of November, 2017 at 11am AEDT.

See the full trailer here:


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