Ballers Season 3 trailer


The new season of Ballers take a turn in story line. Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) and Joe (Rob Corddry) take aim building a new NFL franchise in Las Vegas. But if you think sounds familiar, it is what is happening right now with the move of the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas for possibly the 2020 season. Also, the NHL has announced and is inserting the Vegas Golden Knights into the upcoming season.

This is a drastic turn for the duo as they leave Miami for the spoils of Vegas.  While the rest of the cast have small scenes in the trailer, it’s still uncertain on whether they’ll come with the pair and Mr. Anderson (Richard Schiff) to Las Vegas, or will they stay in Miami?

Other questions about this Las Vegas franchise are whether it will mimic the Oakland move? Or, will they pick another team? Or, is it just a new franchise altogether?

This should be another interesting season, and one I can’t wait to watch.

Ballers premieres on Monday the 24th of July, 2017 at 12pm AEST.

See the full trailer here:




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