Suits Season 7 trailer

Season 7 of USA Network’s legal drama, Suits, is back for another season. And from the trailer we can see for certain that Mike (Patrick J. Adams) has definitely gone back to work at Pearson Specter Litt.

It makes sense from a producer and writer’s point of view for this to happen. Have both Mike and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) working in the same office, continue the banter, and most importantly they can share a new story line every episode. If I was in Mike’s situation, I would not have gone back to work at PSL. It makes no sense to even want to join the bar. He should have just moved on with his life.

But this is television, and for the story to be ongoing, they must keep the characters together as much as possible. Hopefully, this does mean that the office banter will continue. And that maybe they’ll go back to the new case / new episode configuration that they once had.

The overarching story line of this season should be getting PSL back to its best. Now that Jessica (Gina Torres) is gone, although it may to be for long as her new show ‘The Catch‘ was cancelled, Harvey and Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) need to bring people back into the office.

Suits premieres on Thursday the 13th of July, 2017 at 12pm AEST.

See the full trailer here:


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