Mubarakan (2017) trailer

WATCH: Mubarakan (2017): Title Song

Arjun Kapoor is back for his next movie, after the flop that was Half Girlfriend (2017). See, not all Chetan Bhagat stories are going to work. And this is his second time that he is playing a double role after his second film Aurangzeb (2013).

Arjun plays two brothers in this film, Karan and Charan. And there are looking to get married. This is when we are introduced to Binkle, played by Athiya Shetty (Hero). From what I can see, both brothers take a liking to the girl in her different avatars. On one, she can be the nice and simple girl; while on the other, the party girl when needed to be.

However, the problem is Karan’s girlfriend (Ileana D’Cruz) becomes an issue that needs to be dealt with in the family. And when there is miscommunication from the outset, on which girl is with whom, the two brothers must work their way around the problem.

This movie just seems to be another run of the mill comedies, with a similar story line to Housefull (2010). And Anil Kapoor‘s overacting in the trailer is very off putting.

Mubarakan releases in Australia on Friday the 28th of July, 2017.

See the full trailer here:



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