Tubelight (2017): Main Agar

WATCH: Tubelight (2017) teaser, The Radio Song, trailer, Naach Meri Jaan, Tinka Tinka Dil Mera

In the latest single to be released from the Tubelight, we are introduced to the love interest in the movie played by Chinese actress Zhu Zhu.

Salman Khan is seen as the everyday stalker in Kashmir as he sees Zhu Zhu from afar. And somehow, because this is Bollywood, is able to gain the trust of her and her child.

Salman Khan and Jakob Salvati

From the story line of the song, you can see that he tells her about his missing brother in the war. They come up with a plan to find him, but moving mountains. This is the main similarity to the English film Little Boy (2015). As you can see the picture, the hand gesture is the same.

The song itself is nice a soft. I picture a flashback of memories from Laxman, remembering what it was it like to have his brother around.

Tubelight releases in Australia on Friday the 23rd of June, 2017. Tickets are available at Hoyts.

See the full music video here:



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