Tubelight (2017): Tinka Tinka Dil Mera

WATCH: Tubelight (2017) teaser, The Radio Song, trailer, Naach Meri Jaan, Main Agar

The connection between Salman Khan and Sohail Khan as brothers is further extended in the latest music video that was released for Tubelight.

As Sohail leaves to fight in the war, leaving Salman alone; you can see the mental pain and torment that Salman is put through due to the departure of Sohail. He remembers all the wonderful times that the two of them had together at the training camp, from the dancing to things just as simple as buying new shoes. You can tell that the bond between the two is very strong, and this is going to play in our heads as we watch this movie.

There isn’t as much new footage in the music video, a lot we have seen before from the previous two songs.

I really like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as a singer, but I wish that he was doing a Qawwali song in this film.

Tubelight releases in Australia on Friday the 23rd of June, 2017. Tickets are available at Hoyts.

See the full music video here:


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