Munna Michael (2017) trailer

LISTEN: Munna Michael (2017) soundtrack

Tiger Shroff is back for his fourth movie, and hopefully we’ll see this one be successful.

In Munna Michael, Tiger plays a dancer who worshipped the legendary Michael Jackson. He agrees to teach Nawazuddin Siddiqui to dance, and we all know that he needs some lessons after watching “Dil Mein Karengey Jagrata” from Freaky Ali (2016).

Along the way, Tiger realises that he should be the one dancing in the competition, and decides to enter instead. This angers Nawazuddin, who threatens him.

This is a story of one’s passion to dance, and Tiger Shroff is the perfect person to play this character. As we’ve seen with past movies, they haven’t fared that well; so hopefully a dance flick can Tiger’s run of bad movies.

This is a Michael Jackson dance movie, I’d hopefully be expecting some Michael Jackson songs. Maybe a better version to the “Thriller” remake “Golimaar” from the Telegu film Donga (1985). Also, a cameo from the 2000’s dancing mystro Hrithik Roshan wouldn’t go astray.

Munna Michael releases in Australia on Friday the 7th of July, 2017.

See the full trailer here:


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