Australian Survivor 2017 Sneak Peak

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As I was watching television yesterday morning, I noticed that the advertisement for the new season of Australia Survivor was on. I looked at it intrigued to see what the season had in store for us.

Unfortunately, there was nothing much about the new season but a few glances the castaways, and the colours of two tribes (green and pink).

From what I’ve read of the new season, most things are going to stay the same. 55 days, 24 contestants, and three tribes. The number of days and contestants is too much, but then again this is Australian television, and they will try to milk it as much as possible.

I have from a source of mine confirmed that there will only by two episodes per week of Australian Survivor. This is step in the right direction, as last season we ended up with three episodes for week.

I’m disappointed there’s no new logo for this season of Australian Survivor. Being someone that has a keen eye on new designs and logos, I’m always very interested to see what the American version can come up with for the start of the new seasons.

No official announcement of when the season will start, but expect it to be around the same time as last year. Hopefully, Channel and GO don’t push back the start date of the new Survivor (US) season due to this running over time.


Who will have what it takes to win the world’s greatest game.

– Jonathan LaPaglia

For more information on the new season, you can visit the tenplay website.

See the full Sneak Peak here:



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