Hindi Medium (2017) Soundtrack

When the music producer copies not just one Punjabi song but two, you know that I am going to write about it.

First of all, the story line of this movie looks interesting. But the cuts to Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar trying to all cool and hip is cringe worthy, especially in the songs. So I have to question the use of these songs. Plus, Irrfan has gone around and advertised this movie on YouTube channel like All India Bakchod and FilterCopy.

Okay, onto the songs. We’ll start with Hoor, sung by Atif Aslam. The story of how the parents met. And from the music video, it looks like a creepy story. He falls endlessly in love with a girl, and sees her everywhere. And because this is Indian cinema, of course they end up together. This song fits the generic dreamy sequence song that is common in movies.

The second song is Ek Jindari. For the most part, the movie is based around the school where the daughter attends, so it’s only right for there to be a song based around this setting. The kids start off the song with a good percussion beat, and its fun to watch. You can see that they are learning, while also enjoying themselves.

In Fakiri, Saba is learning to adapt to living in India. This process be put through a song to speed up the movie. You can see that she picks up thing very quickly and is able to adapt to the situation very quickly. Whereas, in the small snippets we get of Irrfan, he’s struggling a little bit.

Songs are are great was to speed through story line. There is no need for dialogue and a quick transition means that the story line can progress to by the more interesting point.

Finally, the two songs that I wanted to mention. Suit Suit. The original song was sung by Guru Randhawa featuring Arjun. Now this version of the song has Irrfan and Saba going around town in clothing that looks like… well, I don’t know where is from. I can’t imagine anyone would be wearing that. The funny thing is though the original song refers to Suit as in Punjabi suit, and not Western clothing. It makes much more sense with the original and that meaning in lost in this.

Lastly, Oh Ho Ho Ho. What does Santa Singh say when enters your house? This song original sung by Sukhbir is a classic, originally known as “Tera Ishq Tadpave“, and I would definitely get up and dance to it. But looking at the new version of this song, I am trying to figure out where it fits in the story line. So probably it ends up being in the credits, and therefore I don’t understand why you’d get such a big song for your credits sequence. But, oh well.

Hindi Medium was released in Australia on Friday the 19th of May, 2012. Tickets are available at Village.

The full album can be heard at Saavn and gaana.

See the full trailer here:



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