Australian Television: Part 1

WATCH: Australian Survivor 2017 Sneak Peak

Australian television at the moment is currently stagnated. There is a lack of Australian produced fictional shows on at the moment, and of those that are airing, there is a downward spiral of quality. Therefore people are heading online to watch Netflix or through other online streams.

Currently, on Channel 7, 9 and 10 there is only a hand full of shows to pick from. Channel 7 only have Wanted about two female criminals on the run from the police; and 800 Words, based off a book of the same name.

At Channel 9, Here Come the Habibs, a racial driven show that doesn’t capture the white Australia audience. Doctor Doctor, a dramedy about a two timing doctor who enjoys the high life. And Love Child, that show that just won’t die.

And at Channel 10, there’s The Wrong Girl, based off a book from Zoë Foster Blake of the same name. Offspring, with Nina Proudman and her rotating array of love interests. And Pacific Heat, the complete rip off of Archer.

This is deplorable. Where is the Australian content for the budding Australian actors? Even then, these shows only run for six to eight episode seasons, leaving a large gap in the meantime for people to forget about the shows.

SBS focus their content on quality overseas shows. Even though they don’t have must Australian shows, they are able to pick up shows from overseas because of their relax nature to content.

The majority of the Australian content on these commercial networks are Reality shows. While things like My Kitchen Rules and The Block, even though I cannot stand them, are doing okay, we are starting to dig the bottom of the barrel with shows like The Last Resort, Married at First Sight, Seven Year Switch, and Bride and Prejudice. These four shows push too far into people lives and tear innocent Australian lives apart for a quick buck.

To be continued….



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