Survivor: The Greatest Game

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Survivor US has just come to the end of it’s 34 season. And my question is: Is Survivor the greatest game on television?

First the record, I have only started watch Survivor since Season 33, and have been binge watching the previous seasons from the start. At the moment, I’ve just started Season 4.

Top Row: Jeff, Aubry, Cirie, Zeke, Ceira, Tony, Hali, JT, Sarah, Brad, Sierra, Caleb, Malcolm. Bottom Row: Debbie, Michaela, Tai, Sandra, Troyzan, Andrea, Ozzy

Firstly, I need to explain that Survivor and any other reality television that we watch is a game. It’s a contest against other people for a prize. I really don’t like the fact that I have to call the quality of Australian Reality Television a game, but that’s what it is. Shows like My Kitchen Rules and The Block are games. Argh.

What makes Survivor the greatest, though? I think it has to do with its slogan: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast. As was brought up in the recent finale, these are the three aspects of the game that one must conquer and be voted for in the Final Tribal Council.

The three words all mean something different and refer to the three aspects of the game. Outwit is the social game, Outplay is the physical game and Outlast is the game in general. I will use the final three to make my point, as they best represent different aspects of the game.

You need to have the ability to Outwit someone in this game. And to do this, you have to be that couple of steps ahead of everyone. But you also need to be able to connect with everyone. Being able to relate to everyone works and you connect with them and form a relationship. In Season 34, this is what helped Sarah win. Even though she was brutal in voting people off, she took the time to get to know the people on the Jury. So well, that she convinced Sierra to give her the Legacy Advantage which was an immunity idol for the final six.

Sarah Lucina, Brad Culpepper, and Troy “Troyzan” Robertson

The next part of the slogan is Outplay. This is the physical game. And this is what Brad did well; he played the physical game and shares the title of most Individual Immunity Challenges in one season. This is also why Ozzy gave his vote publicly to Brad. They are both beasts in the physical sense of the game. And I can understand why Ozzy thought that Brad played the better game.

The last part of the slogan is Outlast. This is self explanatory, and using the above to help you survive until the end and emerge as the winner. Troyzan did this, but he failed in the other two categories, relying heavily on Brad

Survivor continues to test the best players as they must brave the climate, hunger, and their own morals for the ultimate prize to win USD$1,000,000.

Survivor returns for it’s 35th season on Thursday the 21st of September, 2017 at 10am AEST, and on the same day at 7:30pm AEDT on GO.





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