Netflix: The Future to Television

These days, we watch just about anything on just about anything. Everyone is constantly on a screen of some form, whether it be their computer, TV, phone, or tablet. And since the start of the internet on the 6th of August, 1991; we have seen access to the World Wide Web become much easier to access over the past ten years or so, watching the latest movie or your favourite TV shows.

With a click of a few buttons, and now a few taps of the screen you can have the latest episode up on your screen, bare minutes after it finished airing for the first time. And we are at the stage in which we can even live stream TV to our screens. Whether you choose to do this legally, through sites such as Netflix or illegally, there has been a definite trend for users to move towards these methods of watching TV.


Netflix has risen to the top of the pecking order in terms on subscription television, as it allows users in other countries all around the world, including Australia, the chance to watch television legally. It even has it’s own yet of original shows.

But there is one problem that I find with Netflix’s original shows. The one difference between watching a show from any other channel or service is that Netflix release all episodes of the particular season in one day. Now, while this is all fine as the users can watch the show at their own pace. It does, however, lead people to binge through seasons of television with disregard to the world around them. Shows like House of Cards (US) and Orange Is the New Black have 13 episodes per season, and people will binge through all episodes so they can keep up to date with their friends and online forums.


But what they are essentially doing is watching a 13 hour movie, released every year. After watching something so intensely, Having the almost year long break waiting for the next season, it can be hard to remember what exactly happened in the previous season; the issue more prevalent if there is a cliff hanger to end the season.

Due to this, I have given up watching OITNB, and will wait for House of Cards to finish before I watch it.

Now, no longer are the day where you had to sit in front of the TV with the family and watch the episode together, and if you happened to miss the episode, there was nothing much you could do about it. The only option was to wait for a rerun or buy the DVD when it came out.

Times have definitely changed, it would be interesting to see where are at in ten, 20 or 30 years time in terms of viewing TV. Will we ever seen portable holograms that we can watch our TV on?




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