Nerve (2016): It’s More Than A Game

Bob Hoskins as Mario

Gaming in TV and film is somewhat a new genre, and it can fail the mark quite a lot of time. This can be seen in the live action Super Mario Bros. (1993) movie. But then you’ve got this new age of gaming movies like Warcraft: The Beginning (2016) that immerse you into the genre and make you feel like you are part of story line.

And then there are needless movies that get made for the money, I’m talking about Angry Birds (2016). A movie about pigs and birds, and the social commentary it made on the American perception of the Middle East. The story line strayed away from the idea of birds flying in pigs, and went down the political avenue

Other examples of games inside movies would be Nerve (2016), where the two leads played by Emma Roberts and Dave Franco play a virtual game within the movie. This is a good example of what can happen when the virtual world can take over from someone’s real life situation. Roberts and Franco get so involved with the game they are playing that they completely forget about the real world. This can be a result of normal gaming, as we immerse ourselves into the game for hours on end, with no consideration of the people around us.

Untitled copyFollowing on from Nerve, there was an episode of Criminal Minds, titled “The Wheels on the Bus…” in 2012 about two brothers that kidnapped a group of school kids and made them players in their own live action game. As it was Criminal Minds, of course it was going to get gruesome. The kids were forced to harm each other and eventually kill each other. In this instance, the two brothers turned innocence teens into players for heir amusement.


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