Raabta (2017): Main Tera Boyfriend

WATCH: Raabta (2017): Title Song

READ: Main Tera Boyfriend Na Na Na Na

I wasn’t sure whether I should write this, because almost all of my music video posts have been on copied songs.  I gave myself until the following day to do this, then I saw that BapaoGiri made a short video noticing that they song had been copied as well.

I first was the title of the song and it had me disappointed. I was expecting another cheesy song, and that is what I got when watching it. But I got more information through watching it.

It is obvious that this is either a dream sequence or credit sequence song; most probably a credit sequence song, as they seem to be on a sound stage with little to no story line coming from it. Even “Sadda Move” has some sort of story line to it.

Then the lyrics came the lyrics ‘Na Na Na Na’, and I knew I had heard this before. In fact, I had heard over the weekend, listening to some of Punjabi music. It was this cheesy music video from a guy with a dorky haircut and glass. It was from a Punjabi song called “Na Na Na Na” by J Star in 2015.


Main tera boyfriend
Tu meri girlfriend
Oh mainu kehndi na na na na

Pritam, who composed the music for Raabta (2017) hasn’t even got J Star to sing his part in the song, He’s been replaced by Arijit Singh, who has sung the three of the other four songs in the album. What’s Arijit replicating a Punjabi song for? I thought he was better than this.

Raabta releases in Australia on Friday the 9th of June, 2017. Tickets are available at Hoyts.

See the full music video here:


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