Modern Family: Connection Lost

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Creating television about a screen can be difficult. The tireless hours of editing to make everything look realistic as well as portray the story line to it’s full intent can be a reason not to produce content in this way; and instead what’s supposed to be a well written and directed form of viewing just turns into someone talking into the camera, or essentially, a vlog.

In the Modern Family episode titled Connection Lost, we see the family interact with other using only the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. With the help of Apple software like Safari, iMessage and FaceTime; the family is able to communicate with each other for the whole episode.

In the episode, Claire (Julie Bowen) is in search of the eldest granddaughter, Haley (Sarah Hyland). And by using the technology at hand she searches and at times, stalks, the whereabouts of Haley; ultimately coming up with the theory that Haley has married Andy (Adam Devine) in Las Vegas.

Of course this was not true and it was later discovered that Haley was in fact sleeping at home. But the comedy that ensues with the frantic search from this TV show is golden.

This form of viewing gives a fresh take on the idea of a one-off episode. Usually, TV shows are prone to a sing along episode or an animated, that things start to become repetitive.

Originally, Apple were not part of the production of this episode. But when they heard about the script, they provided the products that ere need for the episode.

A similar mode of viewing is used in the film Unfriended (2014), by Levan Gabriadze.



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