The Big Bang Theory: The Emotion Detection Automation

PREVIOUS EPISODE: The Romance Recalibration

This episode offered so much for me in the description, I really wanted to the result of Raj’s story line, but as usual, the main focus drifted onto Sheldon.

Anyway, Sheldon is about to get his hands on a Emotion Machine through the help of Howard and MIT. And throughout the episode we see him going around being able to detect other people’s emotions.

In once scene, he interrupts a discussion between Leonard and Penny on the topic of Randall (Jack McBrayer) coming to stay in Pasadena for a while. While Leonard tries to hide the fact that he is upset that Penny made the decision without him, Sheldon is about to use the Emotion Machine to show that Leonard was angry. So, it is kind of a lie detector?!?!?!

Sheldon later realizes that being able to see other people’s emotion is getting too much for him and breaks down. Amy is there to show him that through the machine, Sheldon has been able to detect others feelings and progress has been made since getting the machine.

In the other story line, Raj has his previous girlfriends over to discuss why they are no longer together. If this story line sounds familiar, it’s because Everybody Loves Raymond did the same episode when Marie invites all the women in Robert’s life to see why he is single.

Well, The Big Bang Theory version of the story line felt much undone, I think they could have spent a lot more time on this scene. In the scene, Raj forces the girls to answer questions about what he was like and why they broke up with him. The scene should have been freer flowing, and Raj should not have interfered as much as he did.

The Big Bang Theory airs Friday at 12pm AEDT and Tuesday at 7:30pm AEDT on Channel 9.


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