The Big Bang Theory: The Romance Recalibration

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I hate seeing Leonard and Penny go this tough time in marriage. Not because I think they should be together, but because they should never have got together in the first place. It was inevitable, because that’s how stories like this go. From the very first episode, you knew that Penny and Leonard would get together. And it has changed the show tenfold.

It’s stopped being a show about four nerdy guys that the things they get up, but now that all have either a girlfriend or wife. Something that was very unlikely, looking about that the ‘Pilot’.

Okay, so rant over. I have to review the episode.

We start the opening scene with a dream sequence. Leonard has cooked a nice meal for Penny. Unfortunately, for Leonard, he wakes up just before the opening credits. You can see that the episode will focus around these two having marriage problems, and as I said in the first paragraph. I don’t like seeing this.

Penny and Leonard start to complain about every flaw that each other has. Penny doesn’t want to resolve the issues immediately, while Leonard wants to talk through everything.

This leads to a suggestion from Sheldon, to create a Marriage Agreement (which I’m surprised wasn’t the title of the episode).

If you get divorced, do I get two Christmases?

– Sheldon

Sheldon goes about creating the Marriage Agreement, and everyone seems to be happy. But I doubt this will be for long. The writers need to create more drama.

In the B Story, Howard and Raj realise that the floor is squeaky in Halley’s room. And they try to fix it.

It’s nice to think that you grew up in this room and now your daughter’s going to as well.

– Raj

I hope she has the same amount of sex in it I did.


– Howard

The two decide to play a game of Battleship by dividing the floor into squares and find out which ones squeak. Looking at the ones that don’t squeak, you notice that it would be very difficult for anyone to get to the cot. Though, instead of moving all the way through the room, what if they just move the cot to next to the door.

I enjoyed the B Story much more than the A Story. I wish the writer would give Howard the  A Story, and not be stuck with sucks up to Jim Parsons’ pay grade.

The Big Bang Theory airs Friday at 12pm AEDT and Tuesday at 7:30pm AEDT on Channel 9.


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