Rangoon (2017): Bloody Hell

Now, I’m not usually a fan of Kangana Ranaut, and it can easily be seen in this music video. Her dancing has a robotic movement to it as she plays with the whip. And then when accompanied by the backup dancers, she struggles to keep up.

It’s unfortunate for me to have her in the lead role, especially seeing two fantastic actors will be falling in love with her in the movie; though she is probably a better choice of casting to Kareena Kapoor Khan. That could get awkward.

The rest of the song and combined with the trailer, it gives us a good idea of what the movie is about. Set in the backdrop of World War II, we first see a girl named Julia with Saif Ali Khan‘s character in Bombay (now Mumbai). She is then sent to Yangon, Burma (also known as Rangoon) where she meets Shahid Kapoor‘s character, an officer in what I presume to be the Burmese military order to protect.

And with the majority of Bollywood films, a romance will ensue.

But all that being said, the song is really catchy.

Rangoon releases in Australia on Friday the 24th of February, 2017. Tickets are available at Village.

See the full music video here:


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