The Big Bang Theory: The Holiday Summation

PREVIOUS EPISODE: The Birthday Synchronicity

NEXT EPISODE: The Romance Recalibration

The story line for this episode consists of the gang sharing stories of their Christmas. Sheldon and Amy share the story of their trip to Texas to meet Mary; Leonard and Penny share their story of the Christmas tree; and Bernadette, Howard, Raj and Stuart share their story on caring for Halley.

The main portion of the episode is of course taken up by Sheldon’s story. Amy and he travel to Texas to spend the weekend at his place. While there, there is one thing that Amy wants to get off her chest. She wants to tell Mary that the two of them are now living together.

As expected, Sheldon expects his right-winged Christian mother to be against the thought of two people living and sleeping together before marriage. Though much to Sheldon’s surprise, Mary is welcoming to the idea.

Ah, screw this. This was such as bad filler episode, that it is pretty hard to say anything positive about. The story lines felt forced and put together for the sack of it.

Leonard and Penny just need to figure their shit out, and stop arguing.

And, I would have liked an episode about Halley’s first Christmas, and the Howard and Bernadette figuring out whether they needed the Holiday Armadillo to attend or not. hahah.

I am really hoping Friday’s episode is better than this.

The Big Bang Theory airs Friday at 12pm AEDT and Tuesday at 7:30pm AEDT on Channel 9.


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