The Big Bang Theory: The Birthday Synchronicity

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At the end of the last episode, the episode ended with Bernadette thinking she went into labour. This episode doesn’t start there, but in Shamy’s bedroom, where is find out that it’s Amy’s birthday.

Okay, so this is where the writer have made a jump in time. We find out on Valentine’s Day (February) that Bernadette is pregnant, and we know from last season that Amy’s birthday is in December. That’s an 11 month pregnancy. Though I do remember reading the Chuck Lorre did not want to rush the birth of the new baby.

Sheldon and Amy are awake in bed as the clock strikes 12 for Amy’s birthday. And just as they are about to start Amy’s birthday tradition, they are stopped by Penny who is at the door, yelling ‘Guys, wake up! Bernadette’s having her baby!’ And thus, they have to get out of bed and go to the hospital.

At the hospital, it’s like Three Men and a Baby (1989). We have Howard, Raj and Stuart all at Bernadette’s bedside wanting to assist, and the nurse, Althea, confused at who the father is. Each of the guys knows little bit about the pregnancy, so they all have to field questions regarding the contractions and other personal information.

At the apartment, on the way downstairs, the four get notified that the baby isn’t coming yet. And Sheldon is persistent to go back to the bedroom alerts Leonard and Penny. Who soon realise the importance in the specific day for the couple.

At the Wolowitz house, the four sit around the kitchen. Here we get the information that a lot of us want to know; the gender of the child. Yeah, and I am not going to spoil it for you know; read further down to see this.

Later at the hospital, we see the whole gang sitting the hospital waiting for the birth of the new member of The Big Bang Theory. Raj is going crazy, saying he has nothing in his life to be happy of. Two of the couples are married; another in a committed relationship and Stuart owns the comic book store.

Just as Raj is about to loose all hope, Howard and Bernadette come out to the group and introduce their new baby girl to the world. Halley Wolowitz. Apparently named after Halley’s Comet. And Raj gets told he is the baby’s godfather, much to his relief.

In the final scene they are all gathered at the viewing window, looking to find out which one is Halley. They realise which one is Halley, as she soon starts to cry almost like her grandmother.

So now that we have seen the first child, there are a couple of ways this could be played out. Firstly, Halley might only be shown in story lines relevant to her, similar to the way that the kids from Everybody Loves Raymond (1996-2005) are shown. Ray and Debra seem to forget they have three children for episodes on end.

Alternately, and the more likely option, would be that they continuously show Halley. And with the help of Stuart and Raj, they’ll look after Halley and support her well.

What I hope doesn’t happen, is that it forces Bernadette out of most episodes, with it being implied that she is looking after Halley.

In the next year or so expect episodes to include each of the couple being asked to look after Halley, milestones, and the whole story line revolving around Halley with this affecting everyone’s fun.

In the 100th episode Special, hosted by Rick Edwards, Jim Parsons is asked on how he will cope if there is a baby on set. And he didn’t like the idea. That means I’m not sure Sheldon will get a lot of scenes with Halley, though I would love how he can influence her childhood.

The Big Bang Theory airs Friday at 12pm AEDT and Thursday at 7:30pm AEDT on Channel 9.


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