The Mummy (2017) trailer

Tom Cruise is back, and this time he is resurrecting The Mummy franchise. Pun intended.

From the opening sequence in the trailer, I probably could have been forgiven for thinking this was another Mission Impossible movie. It looked like Cruise was about to lose his entire crew on the plane.

From here it looks like your typical action movie. Cruise will fight off the baddies, until he comes up against The Mummy, who he will end up defeating at the end of the film. Nothing special.

Russell Crowe is set to play Dr. Henry Jekyll in this film, while Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service) is going to be playing Ahmanet, the Mummy.

I’m expecting a possible sequel to be announced around the time of release of the movie.

The Mummy releases in Australia on Thursday the 8th of June, 2017.

See the full trailer here:


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