The Big Bang Theory: The Property Division Collision

NEXT EPISODE: The Birthday Synchronicity

This episode was inevitable, wasn’t it? Sheldon and Amy would finally be living together, which would mean it leaves Leonard and Penny alone. And with this comes the argument of what to do with all the collectables Sheldon and Leonard share.

But first, we got see that hideous painting of Amy and Penny again. And to be honest, I can’t believe Penny actually kept that hung up on the wall. I thought she was able to put that away, in a closet… or the tip?

As Sheldon and Leonard started sorting between their joint possessions, I knew that the Game of Thrones sword would come up, they bought it a few seasons ago from Stuart at the comic book store. Something about it being a limited edition.

Once Sheldon and Amy have settled into their apartment, it’s time for Sheldon to make a little bit of money from the spare room in 4A, so Sheldon leases the room to a homeless man (played by Christopher Lloyd). This, of course, irritates Leonard and Penny who thought they would finally have the place to themselves.

With a actor like Christopher Lloyd, I would have like to seen him play a professional, rather than a homeless man. With the impact that Back to the Future would have had on the characters lives, I would have thought he could have been an idol for Sheldon.

Though with the spare room, I’m really not sure what they are going to do with it. Maybe another baby on the way for the Big Bang gang? That’s didn’t sound right. Or, when family come to stay, it could be a guest room?

In the other story line this episode, Stuart arrives at Howard and Bernadette’s place, looking for a place to stay. But he looks to coerce the couple into letting him stay by giving them a coupon book, as well as offering to looking after the imminent arrival of the baby.

At this point in the story, I was getting a Raj 2.0 vibe from Stuart. And this was confirmed, when Raj walks in for dinner and complains that Raj usually does all this stuff for Howard and Bernadette. The rest of the episode becomes a competition for Raj and Stuart to see who can be the better help, much to Howard’s enjoyment as he can become lazier around the house.

I love Stuart as a character. His dorkiness, and the fact that he tries. It’s fun to watch.

The episode concludes with Bernadette going into labour. And to much surprise, Raj and Stuart are able to work in unison to help prepare for the trip to the hospital.

On next week’s episode, the gang will gather at the hospital for the birth of the newest member of their family.

The Big Bang Theory airs Friday at 12pm AEDT and Thursday at 7:30pm AEDT on Channel 9.


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