Chicago Fire: Lift Each Other

In my opinion, Chicago Fire has been the breakout show for Dick Wolf. In comparison to Law and Order: SVU and the other shows from the Chicago Franchise,  it’s less procedural,

In the opening scenes of the episode, the House is called out to a factory where two little boys had been playing high up on the railing. It looks like one has fallen from the top, while the other boy is stuck, dangling head down. The boy that has fallen seems okay, with only a few minor injuries. But the second boy seems to have lost consciousness, and is dire need of rescue. Casey and Severide are quick to the rescue, and Casey persists on giving the boy CPR until he regains consciousness again.

Prior to this episode, I heard news that they’d be showing Gabby and Antonio’s parents. Very excited to see that, because the Dawson siblings are the Chicago franchise. Gabby being on Fire, with Antonio soon to make the move from PD to Justice in the new year. But I felt it was a disappointment.

I was expecting a quiet dinner with three couples. Brett would have been able to meet the parents properly, before they dislike her. Stuff like that. Instead, the Dawson parents decide to throw an elaborate party for their 40th wedding anniversary. And yet, have the kids sitting a couple of rows back. There was so much wrong with this that it really got annoying.

To top this all off, the parents announced that they were separating. But I kinda saw this coming when Gabby said that she couldn’t get a hold of her mother in the morning. Something had to be wrong.

We see Gabby in tears in the stairwell. Is the stairwell a very cliched setting to be upset? I feel like it’s been used before. But we don’t get to see Antonio’s reaction. Though, this might come on Chicago P.D., which I don’t watch. But, the positive thing that has come through this, is that Gabby and Brett have become much closer, and that bond is stronger than ever.

The other main story this episode was related to Chief Boden’s son, Jimmy. While on shift, Cruz notices the Jimmy has bruises on his back. When this was first mentioned, I went straight to blaming Boden for child abuse. When he gets upset, he really gets upset; and I think that can trigger some brutal rage in him.

Boden and Donna do the right thing and confront Jimmy on this, asking where the bruises came from? Initially Jimmy lies to them both, but ends up telling Boden privately in the next scene. I don’t know whether this is because he doesn’t know Donna. Jimmy could feel scared in front of Donna. Jimmy informs Boden that it is his step-father that is beating him up and causing the bruises.

This enrages Boden, and as I said earlier, Boden does what I expected him to do. Boden is very protective of his family, whether it be his wife and kids, or the House. This kind of confuses me, because he was able to dismiss Jimmy Borrelli so quickly from the House, and it seemed to show Borrelli as the negative character in the situation, whereas I would have preferred to see Borrelli come on top in that argument for his brother’s death.

The final story was a bit of a random one. the Chicago franchise’s version of ‘Tough Mudder’ had come to town, the ‘Mud Run’. It’s where people run through a long obstacle course in the mud. Something, I’d never consider doing. In a way to promote Molly’s, Hermann had signed Kidd and Otis to run the course, along with handing out Molly’s t-shirts to people there.

It soon turns into a betting game, with some members of the House getting on board with the bet. As a result of the run, Kidd and Otis where able to bring other runners from the Mud Run to Molly’s for free drinks.

The episode ended with Casey and Gabby, the two hugging out after she finds out that Casey knew about the death of the second boy from the rescue, but being more concerned about how she was feeling.

Overall, the episode felt like it went for longer than it should have, and it felt like a filler episode. Next week is the 100th Chicago Fire episode, and they are going to be celebrating 100 years of Molly’s with a big party.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday at 2pm AEDT and Season 4 airs Tuesday at 10:40pm AEDT on Channel 7.


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