Modern Family: The Alliance

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This family is back for another week of mayhem. And this episode we focus on what seems to be the spouses teaming up on the Pritchett’s. I don’t think we have ever seen this kind of alliance before.

The need for Gloria, Phil and Cam to come together arises because Cam has had some Russian squatters living in the upstairs apartment. Cam needs them out of the apartment, before Mitch realises that they are still there. Because, well, it’s a Air BnB, and they have been using that space to earn a little extra money.

The code word is: Orange Juice.

So the plan is set in motion. Gloria will get the squatters out of the apartment while Phil distracts Cam at the gym. The scene outside the gym is a little weird for me, Mitch claims he goes to the gym, but struggles to know anything about the gym and Phil mentions they got lost heaps of times. This could be an Easter Egg for an upcoming episode.

Meanwhile, Gloria uses her little knowledge of Russian to scare the squatters into leaving. But in the whole act of playing tough, she accidentally leaves one of Jay’s cigar on the coffee table.

Mitch arrives home just as Gloria has got the Russians out of the apartment, and to prove that there is nothing suspicious happening upstairs, Cam shows Mitch that there is nothing wrong with the apartment. But Mitch does pick up the cigar, and suspects this to be a clue as to the mystery that has is about to begin.

In other story lines, Claire has to prove to her employees that she doesn’t rely upon Jay for advice and suggestions at Pritchett’s Closets. A European Expo is approaching, and Claire must decide which closet to showcase. The Trafalgar or the Matterhorn.The continuous looks over to Jay and then trying not to look for Jay’s help, humours her employees.

Next, Luke has been earning quite a bit of money at the club, and Jay notices that he has been spending a bit of time with a widow who seems to be enjoying Luke’s company. Nothing dirty or anything like that. Seems to be chores, here and there.

And, it’s time for Haley to meet Rainer’s teenage daughter, April. And the irony is strong. First pointed out by Rainer, when Haley and April both answer at the same time. This is again pointed out when they meet Claire, as Haley on the motherly role with someone that is close to her age. I’m surprised there was no mention of the Jay-Gloria relationship in this. And, I feel cheated out that Rainer has to leave early. I was told that Nathan Fillion would be in three episodes and was expecting to watch a good chunk of him That sounds dirtier that it should have.

This culminates at Jay and Gloria’s house that night, where the family will decide where to go on their vacation. Mitch starts putting other clues together about what the ‘The Alliance’ is up to, and the three try to cover their tracks. But they are ousted by Mitch in the front yard as the the three of them try to help Gloria remove a shock collar from Stella’s neck. They admit to working together and in consolation, the Pritchett’s are allowed to pick where the family goes on this holiday.

Also, Haley is left to deal with April inside the house. April finds the dinner boring and plans to leave for her friends party. Much to the dislike of Haley. This is where Haley channels her mother and tells April off. Telling April to change back out of her dress and to stop looking like a prostitute.

In the penultimate scene, we see the Pritchett’s decide to go to Italy for the holiday. Much to pleasure of ‘The Alliance’, as they raise to a glass of Orange Juice.

The was a fairly good episode, and as mentioned above, I would have liked to have seen more of Rainer. There were also quite a few one liners that Modern Family is known for. Though I’m surprised that they were able to omit Lily from this episode, especially as it involved a whole family scene.

Modern Family airs Thursday at 1pm AEDT and Sunday at 6:30pm on Ten.


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