Vikings: The Outsider

It’s back. The flagship History Channel drama, Vikings. And man, I love this show. It’s kind of like Game of Thrones, but that little bit more family friendly. There’s less sex scenes (although going by today’s episode, you could disagree), and less blood and beheadings. And what better way to start Season 4B, than to binge watch all 10 episodes of Season 4A.

We left off in the previous episode with the massive time jump after the return from the defeat in Paris. Ragnor has somehow disappeared. And this is the first time we are introduced to grown up version of Ragnor and Aslaug’s  sons. In the final scene of episode 10, Ragnor returns to Kattegat to an audience and his four sons.

Today’s episode started where the other one left off. In the same scene. Ragnor challenging one of his sons to kill him. Then only can they become king of the Vikings.

It surprised me that Ubbe stepped forward. As the oldest brother out of the four, he should have stepped forward. But I was not expecting any of them to step forward. So from this, I was expecting a sword. But instead, we got a massive melodramatic hug between the two.

It’s next that we find out that Bjorn has finally chosen to go to the Mediterranean, while Ragnor wants to go back to England and Wessex, most probably to see his son Magnus and see the ruins of the settlement that was originally set up there. I feel that this kinds of news could have come earlier in the timeline. But to to the massive time jump that happened in the show, this news in only coming up now to help build a valid story and motive for Ragnor’s return.

Ubbe and Sigard plan to stay in Kattegat, to help build the town as a trading venue. Something that was never considered in the first three and a half seasons. I mean ,like why did none of the strong fighter ever stay to defend Kattegat. That’s why we’ve had to put up with the sex crazed Harbard, isn’t it? And Hvitserk has made up his mind with Bjorn.

So now start the two main story lines for the show, Ragnor trying to find people to join him in England; and our introduction the sons, but more importantly Ivar.

Ragnor starts his his journey by going to find Floki, his old friend. And when his first comes to Floki’s place along the water’s edge, he talks to Helga. Ragnor states that Helga “looks like (she) has seen a ghost”. Like she wasn’t expecting Ragnor to be alive after all these years. It also confirms that they have not been in contact with Ragnor while he has been gone.

Ragnor and Floki seem to enjoy each other company, and Floki seems to have forgiven Ragnor for everything. Which is a change, for once. Unfortunately for Ragnor, Floki has already agreed to go with Bjorn.

Next up is Lagertha in Hedeby, and here we are also introduced to Astrid. I have done a bit of research on this Astrid character, and she doesn’t seem like she’ll turn into much. So I don’t know why she has a part in the series.Although Kalf didn’t turn into much, ether.

Lagertha also declines Ragnor’s offer to join him in England.

As for the Rangorsson boys, what we learn very quickly is that Ivar is (how can I say this politely?)  up himself and more concerned about himself than others. I’m not quite sure how a cripple he is able to crawl himself around Kattegat spying on his brother having sex with Margrethe,  but it happens.

Ivar confronts his brothers on the topic and asks to be ‘pimped out’, so that he can also know what it feels like. But during the sex scene between Ivar and Margrethe, we end up seeing a very different side of Ivar. Once he realises that being cripple is what is making him that way, the emotions pour out. Though, going from what I saw in Season 4A, I don’t think he will be completely nice to everyone. He does have he shortest temper out of all of them, and he will work a lot on impulse.

And I think we see this, when he agrees to go to England with Ragnor at the end of the episode. He wants to be treated the same way as the other three. But that is not completely possible.

Another point of this episode that intrigues me is the Seer.The Seer states that the arrival of Ragnor back in Katteget will result in problems and the death of a character. If I have done my reading correctly, I think I can accuratley predict which character will die and how this character will die. But the show always seems to use the Seer to help foreshadow the events of the season, and the first Seer visit of the season is always the most important for than reason.

Today, we didn’t get to see Wessex or Paris. Now usually I think that’s a good thing, because the show should focus on the Vikings. After all, it’s the name of the show. but I would have liked to have seen how they showed the time jump. You can see from the Vikings, the hairstyle of characters changed to show age, and the beards grew longer. But I want to know how did Rollo develop? And what has happened to the children in the show.

Vikings airs Thursday at 1pm AEDT.


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