Survivor: About to Have a Rumble

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After last weeks double episode due to Thanksgiving, I was not expecting an episode this week, but here we are. So in the last Tribal Council, Jessica got evicted from a Rock Challenge. And seeing her face in this weeks Tribal Council, she looks so pissed to be out of the game.

Anyway, we started off this week with family visits. Where each player was able to see one of their family members. And I thought, well, this screws up Adam’s evil plan to use his Reward Steal on a family visit. But then he gets all teary when he meets his brother and says that he wont be using the Reward Steel. Nice change of heart, dude.

This leads onto the Reward Challenge. A good old obstacle course. I love these as it test the players strength. And to be honest, I though David would struggle at this, even though there would not be any swimming.

Ken and jay took early leads in the challenge. Both probably equal favourites to take out the challenge, with Ken slightly leading through the first two obstacles. Then is came down to trying to burrow their way under under a log. Ken decides to go faced down, while Jay takes the option going face up under the log. And this is where the Challenge is won by Jay. He takes the lead and pushes through the last obstacle to win Reward.

This reward is priceless and probably one that people cherish the most. Time with their loved one. But in what was a surprise to me, Jeff says to Jay that he can bring people along. So, first we have Will and Sunday, followed by Adam. You can see angst on Ken’s face when the final person was to be picked. He really wanted that extra time with the family. But then again, what’s the point of picking someone from the other alliance? Because I doubt it will end well.

Now, it was time for the Immunity Challenge, and this week the players had to hold a piece of rod using the friction of wire. It looked simple enough, but it looks like you had to pull pretty tight to make it stay in place. Unlike other challenges, people fell like flies; which meant this was going to be a short challenge. he final two were Jay and Adam, with the later holding on longer. This meant Adam lived another day in Survivor.

Post challenge, the two two leaders started counting numbers, and David fell short on these numbers, 4-5. This meant that they had to get someone on board to have the majority. And thankfully for him, someone literally came knocking. It was Will.

When you see on Australian Survivor ads, a ‘Big Move by Sue’, or something like that, and see nothing happen. You start to question the advertising department at Channel 10. But what Will had planned was in fact a ‘Big Move’. In his explanation of why he wanted to flip from Zeke’s alliance to David’s alliance, he said that wanted to play the game and not just sit around. I think you got to know when to start playing the game. If you go too early, you can be voted off just as quickly.

This is where things get a bit tricky for Will. He has been told by Zeke to vote for Ken, while David has said that he will be voting for Zeke. Zeke decided not to go for David, because he could possibly have another Hidden Immunity Idol. So Will goes up to Ken, to let him know that that’s where Zeke’s alliance stand. Ken is open to what Will has to say, but warns Will not to cross him.

But then that’s exactly what Ken does in the following scene. Ken is so worried about whether to trust Will that he goes up to Jay in front of the group to confirm what is happening. This was probably the worst decision to have made. Before now, Zeke has been using Ken’s name to bait David into looking at the wrong person. And it has worked. But for Ken to show this side of himself has definitely put a bigger target on his back.

Once everything in out in the open, it’s basically Will’s decision which alliance he’d like to side with. Zeke or David? And this was brought up in Tribal Council later that night. Jeff kept on this issue, and made sure that every know who the two alliance consisted of. Along with follow up questions to put doubt in minds of who would be voted off. By the end of it, David’s alliance was looking to vote out Zeke, while Zeke’s alliance was looking to vote out Hannah. Which was the exact same situation as last time, but without Jessica to make things even.

As a last minute surprise, Adam pulls out his Hidden Immunity Idol, and delivers it to Jeff, but on behalf of Hannah. I remember Hannah earlier on in the season, she was jumpy and thought to be very unreliable. I’m not sure going out of your way to save here is the right option. But the Idol was played to make sure Will didn’t have the last say in the game.

When the votes were being read out, you can see Zeke counting the number of times that Hannah’s name was read out, to see what side Will went for. Though it didn’t matter, and nor did the use of the Idol, as the votes fell 4-5 in favour of keeping Hannah in the game.

This was the end of Zeke in Survivor: Millennials v Gen X. But we will be seeing him again again, along with Michaela in Season 34.

Survivor airs Thursday at 12pm AEDT and at 7:30pm on GO. It’s also available to watch on the 9Now App from 4pm.


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