Lethal Weapon: Can I Get a Witness?

We are back for another episode of Murtaugh and Riggs. It’s been two weeks since the last episode and it feels like the episodes are becoming less and less frequent.

This week the crime involves the armed robbery of $1,000,000 from a struggling Los Angeles casino. And the only witness in a semi full casino seems to be waitress. Or as we find out later, the waitress was not even there at the time.

After tracking down the waitress, Murtaugh and Riggs stumble upon a shooting at her apartment by the “slicked back air, scruffy looking” guy, Riggs ends up finding the waitress’s son hidden away in the closet.

And by chance, the Ethan requests to stay with a friend of his mothers. Which just happened to lead to a motorbike that was used in the robbery. This felt too convenient to push the story along, but they also didn’t follow the friend as to why she was holding one of the robbers at her place.

This is where is see the tough side of Murtaugh; first he goes to the house alone, then gets shot at, and in the subsequent scene  he has the suspects head pushed down on the table. Maybe the rush of wanting a motorbike got to him, because it’s usually Riggs that we see being dealt this kind of role.

Though Ethan takes a liking to Riggs, and you can see that fatherly nurturing aspect of him come out. Last episode, we saw a potential girlfriend for Riggs in the DEA agent, and now this. It looks like Riggs is working his way into getting over his deceased wife quickly. And although, to get over someone like that will take time, nobody wants to see that on screen. So I think that’s fore the best.

We are then introduced to the lawyer who seems to be working more for the bike gang that she is for the suspect. There seemed to be no regard for lawyer-client privilege.

It’s now time to give Ethan up to Child Protective Services (On a side note, why are the foster ladies always black? I don’t want to sound racist and all, but in every show, it’s always a black lady. Are they meant to give off that nurturing motherly vibe?). And fortunately for the “slicked back hair, scruffy looking” guy, he has the latest intel on where Ethan will be stay. How convenient?

Thankfully, Ethan escapes and is able to hitch a ride on the back of Riggs’ ute to his place on the beach, where the bikers now follow him to.

And now for the mandatory fight/gun scene. And the oh so predictive winner of the gun battle.

The episode ends with Trisha and Murtaugh on a cliffs edge overlooking the sunset. Murtaugh was allowed to buy that bike that he always wanted. The awkward addition of the son was strange, but only used for comedic effect.

I’d still like to see more of Maureen on the show, she seems like a side character, when infact she could be used a lot more. I wouldn’t complain, Jordana Brewster is hot.

Lethal Weapons airs Thursday at 12pm AEDT


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