Upper Middle Bogan: Christmas

Christmas has finally arrived, all be it three weeks early for us. But with this being the Season finale, why not?

In this episode, Bess is dealt with the main task of trying to tell both of her mothers that she be in New York for Christmas with Danny and the kids. Margaret was able to take the news fine, surprisingly. But it was Julie, that Bess had to hide the news from. Once Bess had discovered that Brianna was spending Christmas with Younis’ family and Amber was going up to Townsville with Evan, she didn’t know how to break the news. Throughout the episode, Bess is left helping set up for a Christmas that she never planned on attending.

Elsewhere, Wayne, Kayne (oh, I just got that) and Shawn are putting up their Christmas decorations. And in true Wheeler style, they plan to go all out. To add to that, they find themselves in competition with the house that is two doors down. A family that we have never seen before, and still haven’t heard from. This Christmas, it’s all about making sure the “snowman flashes with the music”.

As for Danny he left to deal with a situation that was created by Oscar falling in love with his student teacher who was on placement. Oscar, being himself, struggles to get the words out. And this confuses Danny into think Oscar is gay, with some comedic style placed within the scene.

As each child is on their ‘merry’ way to their holiday destinations, Wayne and Kayne are putting on one last show to up themselves over the neighbours. We see Wayne dressed as Santa and Kayne as Rudolph. Which is funny to see, and it also helps Julie forget about missing everyone else that has gone on holiday. Unfortunately, for Kayne, he gets all caught up in the excitement and takes a tumble off the roof. It was very predictable that something would go wrong as it always does. But it does bring that family together as they all gather back in Melbourne at the beside of Kayne.

The season ends with Margaret and Julie realising that they cannot fight over Bess’ attention, and the rest of the extended family enjoying a picnic in the hospital car park.

There was a line in this scene related to Amber not meeting Evan’s sister. I suspect this will come up next season, possibly with the two ladies not getting along so well. Should be good to see, as we know Amber can get a bit antsy.

I still have doubts on the usefulness of Danny in this show, this season we have seen that most of his story lines involve just himself or Oscar. Whether his is being under utilised or used in the wrong situations, it’s made me come to dislike the character. Also, he doesn’t seem to fit in well with the Wheelers, although trying him out with Wayne could be a option next season.

As for the Bright kids, Edwina was barely used this season. I’d like to see her have some stories with Shawn. The two seem to get along, although it’s only ever in family setting. And Oscar needs to be paired up with Kayne more. We saw this early in the series, but that friendship has been lacking, and he seems to be used more to rescue Danny.

This was the season finale for Upper Middle Bogan. A fourth season is yet to be announced.



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