Rosehaven: Episode 8

This quirky little show has come to the end of it’s first season. This episode, they had to push the season forwards somewhere. Daniel’s decision to follow Grace to the Gold Coast left Emma in an awkward situation. Do I stay here? Or go back to Melbourne. We also see Daniel screw up on the business side yet again.

The main drama of the episode was situated in a rundown house that the tenants had failed to keep tidy. Daniel and Emma chose to take it upon themselves to fix it, before Barbara found it. They roped in Grace and Damien to help out. Though throughout this sequence of events, you could see things start to boil over with the main two characters. Daniel and Emma kept complaining to their significant other about each other. It was kind of predictable, and a little bit of me thought that they would hook up at the end of the episode.

Instead, after being called “immature”, Emma storms out of the house with Damien following behind her. Barbara, then,  comes in moments later to find the house is a mess.

This is when Daniel decides to tell Barbara that he is moving up to the Gold Coast with Grace for all the “theme parks”. Must to the surprise and disappointment of Barbara. Although, Daniel does confess that he isn’t doing his best work in Rosehaven, and would like to try working at a larger firm in the Gold Coast.

Now Emma needs to repair her friendship with Daniel, and does this perfect by fixing up the place for Daniel and Barbara. At the end of the scene, Daniel suggests to Emma that she should also move up to the Gold Coast. Seeing as they are the best of friends, I don’t think they could live without each other. After all, Emma did follow Daniel down to Tasmania.

As Daniel and Grace set off for the Gold Coast, Emma chooses to stay in Rosehaven and pursue a career in real estate. This threw a lot of questions at me, in terms of it’s longevity. The show is meant to promote Tasmania, and by having each of the main characters in different states, a second season would be difficult. I first thought that the second season would pick up after the break up of Daniel and Grace.

This thought was then quashed in the last scene of the season, where Daniel comes in to the Real Estate agency asking for a job. Saying that he and Grace plan to make things work long distance. Which we all know won’t work on screen.

This means that a possible second season will pick up with both Emma and Daniel works at the agency together, where they were meant to belong.

Overall, the first season has been pretty good, with it’s bits of humour here and there. Thanks to Have You Been Paying Attention? for alerting me of the show.

A second season is yet to be announced, and I’m not 100% a second season may come.


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