Lovesick: Agata

When Scrotal Recall was announced to be part of the Netflix line up, I was pretty happy. The first season was easy to get through, and was expecting much of the same.

Season 2 does keep much of the original format, with the ongoing current timeline along with majority of the episode focused on the flashback.

In the second episode of the season, we see Dylan go back six and a half years ago, to a party thrown by Luke and Evie. They seem to be living together as flatmates at that time. And it’s the first time we see Dylan and Evie meet.

The girl for the episode is Agata, a Danish girl that doesn’t speak English. Or that’s what Dylan made everyone believe for half the episode. She comes in as Dylan’s girlfriend. But due to Angus surprisingly being able to speak German, which is actually where Agata is from, they are able to talk to each other. And she goes to ditch Dylan for Angus.

I do have a qualm with the Angus character. He seems to be there only for comic relief. I was not part of the original three from he first season, and him knowing German was all a little too convenient for the scenario. I would much prefer to see how he and his soon to be ex-wife, Helen, met. And what led to them now being separated.

Evie’s man for the episode, I wouldn’t say boyfriend as they don’t seem to be that attached, wasn’t pleasant. He came to the part dressed with his friends as The Romantics. He spent most of the episode with his tongue and other things inside another girl.

Something that has changed this season, and was evident with the first episode ‘Frankie’, was that Dylan may not have actually slept with the girl, in this case Agata, in the episode. It’s a change to the show that I don’t like. And seeing as though they changed the title of the show from it’s suggestive title of ‘Scrotal Recall’ to  ‘Lovesick’, you could possibly see the change coming. It was fun seeing how Dylan would end up bedding a girl, especially when it was not his original date.

This episode, we saw Dylan and Evie hookup. They didn’t seem to have an enjoyable night, and found a connection in that situation. In the morning, Dylan seemed to want the ‘relationship’ to go further. And maybe he could still be holding feeling of Evie from that night up until the time the climax of the first season in the bar. Though that would be one long one-sided relationship. To Dylan’s disappointment, Evie claim’s that it is just a one night stand.

Now, I’m not sure how to define what happens to him in this episode. But I will try. It seems as though he is about to propose to Jo, his girlfriend. And the look on her face when she realises what is happening is that of shock. Faking a sick stomach to dispel the marriage to proposal and embarrassment for all parties involved. But by the next five minutes of the episode, he seems to have gained his confidence back in search for another girl. Poor witch. I don’t expect this confidence to last as I think he will start to feel bad. But don’t quote me on that, Luke seemed to find it very easy with the ladies last season.

Back in the present day, Dylan seems to still be dating Abigail, a girl from the first season. I’m not sure how this fits in, because Dylan ‘confessed’ his love for Evie in the final scene of the first season. Yet he is still able to keep this relationship going. We’ll see where this relationship goes in the coming episodes and see if Dylan is able to stop her leaving for Manchester.


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