Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Skyfire Cycle

As always on Brookyln Nine-Nine, we get the most outrageous opening sequences designed to get a cheap laugh out of us. And it did this, this week. In what seemed to be a very empty bullpen, the team are serving their punishment for leaving for Florida by by rostered on for ‘The Night Shift’. Their work gets interrupted by the cleaner, who is polishing the floors. And as Jake will always do, he’ll come up with an exciting game or plan to make the situation fun.

So with the fresh shiny floors, he decides to slide down the length of the bullpen for what Rosa says is The Full Bullpen. Jake explains that he must travel from Holt’s office to the elevator on the other side of the room. I knew without would have to go wrong, and seeing that Holt was not present at the time, and the reference to the elevators, to was all to obvious at the end result. So in slow motion, we see Jake slide across the floor, and all of a sudden the elevator doors open to reveal Holt. Jake slides through crashes into Holt.

This is where the comedic line comes, just before the opening credits. And I was kinda expecting Holt to be happy with the achievement, because that would be an uncharacteristic response for Holt who likes his bullpen in order. This scene did remind me of the flashback in the ‘Pilot’ episode where we see Rosa and Jake playing games within the bullpen, much to the enjoyment of the rest of the squad and the little care that the old captain had.

So after the credits, we are introduced to the actual story lines of the show. This episode, the characters are split up into three different stories. Firstly, Jake discovers that a famous author has been sent a death threat. This somehow peaks the interest of the sensitive side of Terry. DC Pavlov, the author, has been as childhood favourite for Terry and the writer of the fictional book series ‘Skyfire Cycle’. And when Pavlov does arrive, Terry is too nervous to see him.

In the hunt for the writer of the mysterious death threat, Terry suggests visiting the book signing for Pavlov’s latest book. So both Jake and Terry dress up in some outlandish get up, from Pavlov’s stories, and go on the hunt to see if they can match the handwriting of a superfan to the written death note. Although their trip was unsuccessful, Terry was committed to helping his favourite author. They soon discover that the handwriting of the death threat is the same of that of a hand written note Terry was given as a child. At first, they suspect Pavlov, and this would break Terry’s childhood fantasy, knowing that Pavlov may have written the note for publicity. Pavlov leads them to a former assistant, that used to work for Pavlov; and had written the note to Terry as a child.

The adventures of Jake and Terry don’t make up to say if Jake was to take Boyle or Amy. Jake will always get the most screen time, as he is the titular character in the show; but it just doesn’t seem to work with Terry. And I don’t think I’ve seen that much of Terry in an episode. It felt weird.

In the second story line, Boyle and Gina are paired together. And when they are paired fir an episode, there is only one area in which they writers go. This being the fact that they are step-siblings. But the episode lacked either parent, which was confusing for me.  Instead, Boyle’s father was replaced by a cousin, Sam Boyle. It felt like a cheap cop out for the two to have a part in the episode.

Lastly, we got a rare glimpse of Holt’s husband, Kevin, as he was leaving Holt’s office. And here we were introduced to the Monty Hall problem. One that most of us would have heard of before. Let me explain. You have three doors, you must pick one door that has a prize behind it. Once you have selected the door, the host will open one of the wrong doors to show nothing behind it. Now, for the challenge. Do you swap doors, or stay with the door you have to find the prize? Apparently there is a solution to this, but it involves a lot of math (none of which I plan to do).

So with the problem, Rosa and Amy must convince Holt whether to change doors or not.  I’ll leave you to watch the episode to find out the answer.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Wednesday at 12pm AEDT


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